Help, Thief!


Yesterday we got robbed. Well, burgled.

Some guy entered our office, snatched four wallets and left unnoticed.

We finally realized what had happened when someone noticed his wallet was missing and, soon after, two other people as well.

I asked everyone in the office whether they had noticed anything exceptional during the day or had seen strangers in the office. However, it was tricky because we have many contractors here whom not everyone knows.

We made a list of all the people who had been seen entering the office that day, and quickly pinpointed a prime suspect. Funnily, it was a guy whom we actually met at the entrance to our office when we were going out to lunch and politely offered him assistance!

The surveillance videos confirmed our suspicions: the suspect entered using the front door code, visited some offices, and left within three minutes. Apparently he’s a semi-pro, carrying a large paper folder he pretends to read and wearing dark sunglasses in front of the cams.

24 hours later, a fourth person noticed his wallet was gone.

We’ll report it to the police today but I doubt they’ll catch him. We will also review our security procedures and update them.

So, what happened?

  1. The incident
  2. The victim realizes what happened
  3. An investigation
  4. Conclusions – we understand how the incident happened
  5. Lessons: enhance security

Does this remind you of something? It is so similar to IT security!

It’s funny, to re-read Ruvi’s recent interview at SC Magazine – it’s all about physical and IT security convergence.

I also found this useful paper by Verizon Business.


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