Notes from the Blogosphere: PreachSecurity review of SecureTrack 4.5 review


Last week, Rafal Los posted an in-depth review of SecureTrack 4.5 on his PreachSecurity blog (aka Digital Soapbox).  As a former firewall admin, Raf has felt the pain our products were designed to get rid of.

What’s interesting about his review is that unlike the professional reviewers who wrote the semi-recent 5-star review of SecureTrack in SC Magazine, Raf’s familiarity with the issues that can really ruin a firewall admin’s day,  he is not an easy sell.

Not to say that SC Mag review wasn’t a huge achievement for us – getting a five star review from a leading security magazine in a MAJOR  high.   What’s so  appealing about Raf’s review (outside of his  high marks for usability, utility, and ‘worth your time’) is the street cred he brings to the table.

Raf  states: “I recently worked for a company that had 250+ firewalls in a single business unit, mostly Check Point and Cisco Pix… managed either out of one of a handful of Provider-1 consoles, or remotely via telnet (then SSH, as available). That was one of those nightmares I never thought I’d wake up from… so you can probably see why I’m so interested, at least personally, in tools that aim to simplify the life of the firewall admins out there.”

That sounds like a chunk of our customer base, for sure.

So, when he says things like  “Tufin were kind enough to give me a full demo and a demo image to play with and I have to say I’ve been genuinely impressed…”  and  “…where was this [SecureTrack] when I was jockeying firewalls back in ’98/’99.?” and  especially ” This is a really cool product set with one of the most visible ROI models I have ever seen…”

Well… it’s hard not to feel good a about that.

But the ultimate compliment he gave us  (articulated in true firewall admin style) “… I think this is one of those products you shouldn’t go too long without… like socks or deodorant…”


Click here to see this the full review, and while you’re at it, check out other posts on Raf’s blog, they are definitely worth a read.


One Response to “Notes from the Blogosphere: PreachSecurity review of SecureTrack 4.5 review”

  1. Rafal Los Says:

    Congrats again Tufin folks… and thanks for the kind words! I genuinely wish I had a copy of your product way-back when I was “doing the firewall thing”… and just in case people think I like everything I review – read my 2-part review of the Microsoft Security Essentials tools… yikes!

    Cheers everyone! Keep up the good work.


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